Shopko Optical

Shopko Optical

Not many people know this, but you can take care of all of your eyecare needs at Shopko Optical. They not only provide eye exams, but you can shop for frames and get your glasses and sunglasses there, too. If you need prescription sunglasses, they’re available at Shopko Optical. So are safety glasses. No longer will you have to wear goggles over your prescription glasses. You can just get prescription safety glasses and work at your hobby with no worries.

Shopko Optical even takes AARP benefits and vision insurance. What a great way to save money on your eyecare needs! You can even get your contact lenses at Shopko Optical. They carry all of the major brands, and can fit you precisely. Not only that, Shopko Optical can probably fit you with disposable contacts. Some people have a hard time with protein buildup on their contact lenses, and the disposable one are just more convenient. Others just don’t want the hassle and expense of dealing with keeping your daily care contacts in wearable condition.

One of the fun things you can do with contacts from Shopko Optical is to change your eye color. Whether you have great vision or not, you can either enhance your eye color, or change it completely with colored contacts from Shopko Optical. So, whether you want your prescription contacts in a certain color, or just want a color for special occasions, you’ll find just what you want in colored contacts at Shopko Optical.

When it comes to contacts, sometimes you can wear extended wear contact lenses. These are great because you wear them for 6 days and nights before you replace or clean them. They don’t damage your eye health, either, or Shopko Optical wouldn’t sell them. They have been in use for years, and are very popular with many contact lens wearers, and they’re  available at Shopko Optical.

The optometrists that work at Shopko Optical are independent doctors who conduct your eye exam in a professional manner with state of the art equipment. You may be able to wear bifocal contacts so that your near and far vision are both corrected. Or, maybe you need gas permeable lenses to correct astigmatism. According to Shopko Optical, there are more contacts than ever available for people who have astigmatism, and you can get most of them at Shopko Optical.

Shopko Optical will also take care of your single vision, bifocal, or trifocal lenses. Trifocals are great for near vision, far vision, and intermediate vision. This is especially useful for people who do a lot of work at arm’s reach.  In fact, musicians especially like trifocals, because the music stands are at an intermediate distance in their view.

Some craftsmen like to order trifocals from Shopko Optical. For instance, mechanics and carpenters who work over their heads a great deal, and need bifocals for close up work. Often will have their bifocal prescription put into the top section of their trifocals so they can see as they work over their heads. And, it’s all available at Shopko Optical.